Device advantages


The standard service life of the device is 24 months from the date of installation (depending on the amount of fuel produced)


FuelWell patented and belongs to KNOW-HOW

Test FuelWell

Possibility of FuelWell test installation on your vehicle to determine the effectiveness of the device in your case


FuelWell passed a number of tests and proved in practice its effectiveness: fuel economy by 10-30%


Ecologists recommend, as a non-alternative device for reducing toxic exhaust gases into the atmosphere from 30 to 60%

Installation examples
About company

We are a trade and manufacturing company, an exclusive representative of the Research and Production Enterprise LLC SPE Katalitprylad, developer and manufacturer of a FuelWell fuel economy device. The main task for our company is the development of the Ukrainian business through the production, introduction and popularization of domestic technical developments.