Real fuel economy for any motorist!

stockvault-driving-w600The most mass vehicle in the world is a car. Its value is difficult to overestimate, because for most people this is not only a means of transport, but a way of life. However, the maintenance of the car requires considerable financial investments: this includes repairs, maintenance, taxes, and fuel costs.

Over the last few years car loans decreased in Ukraine, significantly increased fuel costs, increased prices for spare parts, maintenance, that is why to maintain the car became expensive. The market offers a number of economical devices, which are based on a variety of operating procedures (magnets, fuel additives, converters, cavitators, ionizers, etc.). Unfortunately, most of these devices in practice have a negligible effect on the amount of consumption of gasoline and diesel. As a result, buyers are losing confidence in such “appliances.”

Market requirements for a really reliable and working device for efficient fuel use dictated to Ukrainian developers the need to adapt the existing FuelWell for use in passenger vehicles! After all, it proved his qualitative work on specialized technical equipment. Now, car owners can save their money considerably by reducing the actual consumption of fuel (gasoline and diesel) from 10 to 30%, depending on the quality of the fuel used and the technical condition of the car.

By modifying FuelWell for passenger cars, the developers were able to fully preserve one more significant function of this device, namely, environmental action. For those car owners who want to make their personal contribution to the preservation of the environment and to minimize the negative impact of your car on ecology, our device is the best solution. According to the results of tests, after installation of the device, the level of formation of toxic substances by a passenger car is almost halved! The average value is from 30 to 60%, depending on the amount of fuel used and the state of the engine.

Essential advantages of the FuelWell installation for ordinary car owners will also be:

  • simplicity of installation without intervention in other systems of the car
  • no need for service during the period of service life
  • the warranty period of operation from the manufacturer is 2 years (depending on the amount of fuel used).

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