What will FuelWell give to your business:


  1. Result of economy. The effectiveness is proved by tests that are carried out regularly
  2. Increase the profit of your company due to a significant costs reduction
  3. Reducing the cost for upgrading vehicles / car fleet. FuelWell improves the performance of the engine, contributes its less wear
  4. Reducing the cost of replacing fuel oil. Its service life increases
  5. Competitive advantage. A socially responsible company that supports the Ukrainian manufacturer
  6. Competitive advantage. Positioning the company as an “ENVIRONMENTAL”
  7. Ability not to exceed environmental standards for emissions of harmful substances for economic entities
  8. Significant reduction of the negative impact of their business activities on the environment
  9. Successful passing of technical inspection of the vehicles for compliance with new environmental standards
  10. Reducing the amount of environmental tax. FuelWell significantly reduces the amount of toxic gases produced by transport. The lower this indicator is, the lower the amount of the company’s environmental tax should be paid.