FuelWell promotes innovative development of agricultural sector in Ukraine

СХ-2-h262After the entry into force of the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine has the opportunity to restore the former volumes of foreign trade of agricultural products, which were reduced earlier due to political and territorial changes. In the forefront of emerging opportunities and outlooks, many entrepreneurs make every effort to increase cultivated production, organization of fieldwork, processing the harvest where there is no way to do without farm machinery. Farmers are left alone with the problem of obsolete agricultural machinery and inconceivable expenses for its operation, repair. Having a pronounced seasonality and little predictable result, this sphere often carries significant risks for farmers. In such market conditions, small farms are closed, and the rest are forced to withstand competition, often bearing losses. And here the issue of reducing the costs of the agrarians becomes topical.

As already noted, a significant part of the farmer’s budget is the current expenditure on the operation and repair of agricultural machinery, logistics. This is especially noticeable for large enterprises that export products. The volume of transportation costs here is estimated with hundreds of thousands per season, and the need for routine maintenance of obsolete equipment consumes a significant portion of the budget. Therefore, the issue of saving in this terms is one of the top priorities! This effect gives the use of the FuelWell device: when installing it on multiple units of the fleet figures of gasoline (and diesel)saving can come to thousands of hryvnias, and increase the capacity of the equipment will allow the owner to save on current maintenance.

In addition to spending on fuel, agricultural companies should also take care of observing the permissible level of harmful effects on the environment of operating equipment. And transporting products abroad, use rolling stock and cars that strictly comply with all the regulatory indicators of environmental friendliness, relevant in all countries of the logistics chain. In case of non-compliance with the requirements of environmental control, the products may not be allowed for export, which will bring significant damage to the company.

The forecasted growth in demand for agricultural products should be used as an incentive for the innovative and investment development of the sector. One of the low-cost ways to modernize the fleet for farmers in Ukraine is the retrofitting of equipment with FuelWell devices. The device greatly reduces the amount of toxic gases produced when the agricultural, rail and road transport operate – it is up to 60%, depending on the quantity diesel or gasoline used, and fuel economy is up to 30%, depending on the quality of fuel used and the technical condition of the engine.

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