FuelWell increases the efficiency of construction equipment


For the qualitative organization of large-scale construction business, it is required to purchase or lease expensive special equipment. Its feature is an increased wear resistance of the engine, impressive power, a large margin of safety. In the mode of permanent operation, off-road equipment often requires ongoing repairs, and if the equipment is not new, the probability of frequent breakdowns increases. This requires large financial investments, so in this case it is advisable to apply additional measures to increase the efficiency of such equipment and more economical use of fuel during operation.

FuelWell is suitable for all types of cars running on diesel and gasoline. It increases the engine power its service life. In addition, the device is designed to save fuel, and its consumption during the operation of construction equipment is very large. According to the results of the studies, the reduction of fuel consumption ranges from 10 to 30%, depending on the quality of fuel used and the technical condition of the engine. As a result, the funds invested in upgrading your fleet will pay off in the near future (you can calculate the approximate period using the online calculator on our website or by contacting the sales department).


An additional advantage of using the device FuelWell are environmental effects: one of its functions is to prevent the formation of large quantities of hazardous toxic substances by an internal combustion engine. Installing the device on your equipment, you can reduce them from 30 to 60%, depending on the amount of fuel used. After installation of the technical device it will be easier for you to pass state environmental control to ensure environmental safety of your company’s economic activities.