FuelWell is a reliable fuel economy device for freight transportation

gruzovoy-transport-h262After a protracted crisis, when the supply of goods significantly exceeded demand and many small logistics operators left the market, the freight industry is gradually recovering. However, there are difficulties above and beyond: growing fuel prices, lack of affordable lending, infrequency of orders, taxes, paltry financing of industry from the government, outdated technology and a lack of understanding of how the economy will develop in Ukraine, — all these factors complicate the work of truckers.

In addition, representatives of government institution periodically return to the issue of increasing the environmental tax from vehicles, which successfully works in the countries of the European Union. The main polluters of the environment are commercial vehicles, trucks and buses. However, in the current economic conditions, ecological tax payment for logistics operators takes a significant portion of the company’s finances, because most of them use second-hand cars for transportation. Often the basis of car fleet is outdated vehicles with a fairly serious mileage. As a result, the older the vehicle is, the greater the environmental tax the owner of the vehicle fleet pays. Here is an occasion to reflect on the retrofitting of lorries by special devices to reduce toxic emissions and, consequently, minimize environmental tax.

Also, the expense item for fuel does not lose its relevance. In the field of logistics, this is 50% of the expense item of the company! Here, as anywhere, effective, reliable devices for the rational use of fuel are proper. But there is a need of reliable and working devices! After all, the Ukrainian market is full of pseudo economic devices.


A tangible effect of reducing the consumption of diesel and gasoline is given by our FuelWell. Install it on your cars, you will receive:

  • savings that will be visible in the near future
  • significantly reduce maintenance costs

Documented results of numerous tests in figures: reducing emissions of harmful substances in exhaust system by 30-60% (depending on the quantity of fuel used), reducing fuel consumption by 10-30% (depending on the quality of fuel used and the technical condition of the engine). The lower figures are relevant for obsolete worn engines, and on modern cars the efficiency of our device is even greater.

For an approximate calculation of fuel economy, use calculator on our website or call – our specialists will be happy to provide you with detailed information.