Frequently Asked Questions

The device is not just for cars. In the model range there are types of FuelWell devices for all types of vehicles and olants that operate on an internal combustion engine. Suitable for both petrol and diesel. The model range of the device includes 6 types of FuelWell, designed for different types of transport / plants. There are models for cars / trucks, buses, railway locomotives, sea vessels / boats, diesel generators.

No. We conducted numerous tests in which there was no negative impact on the vehicle systems.

Has no effect. FuelWell is installed in the fuel supply path in front of the carburettor or injector after the fine filter. In its composition it does not contain substances (for example magnets), which can affect other systems of the car (for example electronic). Report here.

FuelWell is easy to install, however, the installation must be carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Our recommendation: for the correct operation of the device and to avoid malfunctions of the car as a result of unprofessional interventions, the installation must be carried out by a specialist of the service station. When you buy FuelWell, our service department will arrange the installation of equipment at the car service. Also, It is possible to train your mechanic for further independent installation of the device on fleet vehicles. The appliance must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions!

The choice of FuelWell model depends on the fuel consumption of your vehicle /plant and the mileage / working hours per month. To select the best model you can familiarize with model range on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

Yes. The warranty period of operation of FuelWell is 2 years (depending on the quantity of fuel used). The marginal fuel consumption within the warranty period for each model, you can see here.

For any type of vehicle you need only one FuelWell, corresponding to its technical parameters. The relevant data, you can see here .

Multiple tests of FuelWell were carried out that showed a decrease in fuel consumption from 10 to 30%. However, it is difficult to name the exact figure in each individual case – the fuel economy depends on the type of vehicle, the quality of the fuel used, and the technical state of the engine.
For the indicative calculation of fuel economy, use the calculator on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

No, it can’t. The car service specialist will determine the fixing set corresponding to your vehicle and you will receive it with the device.

FuelWell performance may decrease if the vehicle / plant has technical problems that can lead to increased fuel consumption (unbalanced fuel delivery system, air filter obstruction, etc.). In general, FuelWell functionality does not depend on external factors and energy influences (heating, cooling, electromagnetic field, additional spraying, turbo boost, etc.). It should also be taken into account that the vehicle’s onboard computers are often set to the manufacturer’s declared parameters, so there is a possibility that the on-board computer will adjust the actual fuel consumption parameters to the manufacturer’s specifications. Sometimes the difference can be 15-20%. In practice, you can check the savings by using a measuring tank or controlling the consumption of a full fuel tank with or without FuelWell.

No, it can’t. The device does not require service during operation.

FuelWell works on the principle of preventing the formation of toxic substances. The test results showed a decrease in the number of harmful emissions when the internal combustion engine operates – from 30 to 60% (depending on the type of engine, fuel).

When fuel passes through the functional areas of the FuelWell, breaks in carbon bones and the restructuring of the carbon skeleton of the fuel molecules are initiated. In the result of this process fuel burns in more full volume, therefore it is used more eonomically.