FuelWell action

FuelWell – this is new technological device, which works on diesel and gasoline internal combustion engines and allows to reduce fuel consumption. The main purpose – reducing fuel consumption, reducing toxicity exhaust gases emissions into the atmosphere, increasing machinery service life.

From conventional devices to reduce fuel, FuelWell is distinguished by a new technology, using which developers have achieved much more productive preparation of fuel and, as a result, more economical use of it. This is due to pre-treatment of diesel and gasoline in the FuelWell chambers. When fuel passes through the functional areas of the FuelWell, breaks in carbon bones and the restructuring of the carbon skeleton of the fuel molecules are initiated. In the result of this process fuel burns in more full volume, therefore it is used more economically.

Numerous certified tests of the device were conducted, the results showed that the FuelWell installation allows to minimize emissions of harmful substances from the engine exhaust system by at least 30%, and in some cases, by 60%. The amount of fuel savings was from 10% even on new cars, and the top factor showed a 30% reduction in fuel consumption. This indicator depends on the quality of the fuel used and the technical condition of the vehicle.


The choice of FuelWell model depends on engine power and its productivity.
For detailed information on the model range and the cost of the device, see the panel on the right.