FuelWell will help the transport business to become more profitable

passazirskie-perevozki-h262The visa-free regime provides for Ukrainian citizens extensive travel opportunities, free riding to other countries. For shipping companies it is a chance to expand their scope of work, to open new routes. The development of carriage of passengers in European directions requires compliance with higher standards – comfortable conditions of stay on the bus, uninterrupted work of air conditioners, coffee machines, refrigerators. In addition, to visit some European countries your vehicles must meet certain standards on the level of toxic emissions, otherwise you will not be allowed to entry into the country. In these circumstances, the need to retrofit its fleet with devices to reduce the amount of harmful gases is of the great importance for the business owner.
The indicator of environmental friendliness of your transport is also important in Ukraine: in the item of expenses it is necessary to take into account the tax on the level of toxicity of automobile emissions – the higher this index is, the higher the tax will have to pay. And it can be reduced only by decresing the amount of produced emissions. Our device will help!

Ukrainian scientists have developed a device that reduces the amount of toxic substances produced by the car (up to 60%), and also significantly reduces the consumption of gasoline or diesel (up to 30%). This technology has long been used in a narrow focus, and thanks to follow-up revision and adaptation, has become available for all types of machinery equipped with internal combustion engines of any type. Now, this scientifically-derived device can benefit owners of manufacturing and transport enterprises car owners.

In addition to the environmental effect, FuelWell provides significant fuel savings! According to the results of the tests carried out, the rate of savings in both gasoline and diesel fuel, is from 10 to 30%, depending on the quality of fuel used and the condition of the machinery. For a medium transport company or a taxi service – this is thousands of hryvnias.

In order to meet the requirements of business today, entrepreneurs need to invest in the opportunities that will bring the result in the future, will help the business to become more successful. Upgrading the bus fleet with environmentally-friendly devices will allow your company to become more profitable in the near future!
For an approximate calculation of fuel economy, use calculator or contact us in the manner most convenient to you.