Installing FuelWell

ustanovka-fuelwell We will provide you the FuelWell installation! Installation of the device is carried out by a specialist of the technical service station (from among our partners) in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. On average, this process can take from 1 to several hours, depending on the type of transport and the level of complexity.

For enterprises and organizations it is possible to install a pilot FuelWell sample to determine the amount of fuel economy individually (the conditions are discussed additionally).
It is also possible to train your staff mechanic for further independent installation on all units of your vehicle fleet.

FuelWell does not need service! The warranty service life of the device is 24 months from the date of installation, in accordance with the model range (see the panel on the right).
Installation of the device in diesel engines is carried out in the fuel supply path in front of the high-pressure fuel pump after the fine filter.
Installation of the device in gasoline engines is carried out in the fuel supply path in front of the carburetor or the injector engine:

The scheme of installation of FuelWell (the engine on gasoline)


FuelWell installation scheme (diesel engine)