FuelWell is an investment in the successful development of your business


To solve the problem of energy dependence in areas with lack of centralized electricity supply lines or equipping of industrial objects with backup power supply sources are widely used diesel generators. In addition, these units are used in hospitals, kindergartens, boiler houses, private homes and other socially important places for perfect operation in the event ofpower outgage or emergency situations. Therefore, the FuelWell model range has been supplemented by a type with wide operating resources for stationary diesel installations.

The need for constant support of the working condition of industrial equipment, maintenance, fuel – the amount of these expenditures is often the reason for the low profitability of companies. These costs can be reduced by installing a modern device to save gasoline and diesel – FuelWell. The actual reduction in fuel consumption can reach 30%, depending on the quality of the fuel used and the technical condition of the equipment. It also increases engine power, efficiency of equipment, extends its service life.

In addition to fuel economy with our device, you make your business environmentally safe, as the second effect from its application is environmental friendliness. The tests showed a decrease in the level of toxicity of atmospheric emissions produced by the mechanisms from 30 to 60%, depending on the amount of fuel used and the state of the engine.

For an approximate calculation of your saving, use online calculator or contact us in the manner most convenient to you.