The positive results of using FuelWell on Ukrainian ships

vodnuy-transportIn connection with the rapid development of the transport sector, the problem of its impact on the environment has become acute. Special attention in this context deserves a water type transport. According to statistics, the marine and river fleet accounts for 15% of harmful atmospheric emissions. Power plants of ships pollute with waste gases primarily rivers, seas, oceans.

Now most of the domestic and world fleets are equipped with ships with diesel engines. In Ukraine, mostly obsolete boats that are not technically equipped with modern mechanisms are operated. Therefore, the degree of toxic pollution of the atmosphere by water transport it is difficult to overestimate. Recently, the government has introduced more and more restrictions on the level of harmful substances in the exhaust gases of marine engines.

The problem of fuel economy is also in the complex of environmental issues of water transport for the public and private maritime companies. The amount of carbon dioxide that is in the atmosphere and determines the ecological condition is directly connected with the economy. Carbon dioxide is a product of complete combustion of fuel, so the only way to reduce it is to reduce fuel costs, which will positively affect the financial condition of fleets and private companies.

Among all the methods of fuel economy, our FuelWell deserves special attention. It is installed in the fuel system of the vessel and is used for preliminary processing of diesel fuel, which is supplied to the engine.

vodnuy-transport2According to the test results, the level of formation of toxic gases is reduced almost twofold – the average value is from 30 to 60%, depending on the quantity of fuel used. A saving rate is 10 to 30%, depending on the quality of the diesel used and the technical state of the power plant.
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