Fuel economy on the railway

Rail transport performs a large volume of passenger and freight traffic. No major economic sector can do without the use of railways for the transportation of goods. This leads to rolling stock wear, and state modernization is extremely rare. Considering the need to extend the period of operation of obsolete trains, the main attention should be paid to the technical condition of motor cars and locomotives. They are the main driving resource of the stock.

Locomotives that produce their own power with diesel engines require large financial investments for fuel – this expense item for the state and owners of its own rolling stock remains always relevant. The second aspect of the problematic of such transport is pollution of the environment with waste exhaust gases.

The invention of FuelWell makes it possible to cope with the main difficulties of railway enterprises:

  • reduce fuel costs by optimizing its use. Research results showed the savings from 10 to 30%, depending on the quality of the fuel used and the technical state of the engine
  • reduce the amount of formation of toxic gases by almost two times – the average value is from 30 to 60%, depending on the quantity of fuel used and the technical condition of the engine
  • reduce engine wear and increase its power.

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